Putting Greens Guide

Putting Greens Guide

putting greenPutting Greens Guide is an independent guide to indoor and outdoor practice putting greens. Whether you’re looking for a small indoor putting green for your office or a large outdoor putting green for your home, we hope to answer any questions you may have.

There are many different putting green options. The many articles on this website will address everything you need to know to make a wise decision that fits your needs and your budget.

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Choosing A Putting Green

Like most things nowadays putting greens come in all shapes and sizes and throw up a myriad of questions that potential buyers must wade through before choosing their ideal putting green.

Indoor or Outdoor

This is an easy enough question to answer as it will boil down to a space issue. If your garden is cramped or if you have no garden at all then you can readily decide on the indoor putting green. Similarly if your house is not conducive for the space of a putting green then you too have an easy decision, you must settle on the outdoor practice green. The real question is for those of you who have space in both your garden and your house.

Obviously, if you want a real grass putting green then it must be outside.

If you want an indoor putting green make sure you allow for the space that your swing will take up when deciding what room to put it in. Outdoor greens do tend to need some maintenance due to weather, so bear that in mind in your decision-making process. At the same time, they often allow more space

Real or Synthetic

As mentioned above if you want real grass you will require an outdoor green whereas a synthetic green can be used both inside and out. Synthetic greens require far less maintenance though some will argue as they are synthetic they do not offer the same practice quality that grass greens offer.

I would disagree with this as the quality of synthetic greens has improved vastly in recent years and they are as close to the real thing as possible.

Another consideration is that many synthetic putting greens are portable and thus can move location to another part of your garden, to a neighbor’s garden, or even to a tailgate party!

Portable or Permanent

If you are someone who travels frequently and wishes to practice your putting in the office or in your hotel then a portable putting green is perfect for you. This often restricts the size of the portable putting green, though the final decision is yours, depending on how easy you will find it to move.

On the other hand if you plan on practicing exclusively at home then you should consider a permanent putting green.

Backyard or Front Garden

Another simple solution to this choice, simply size and space will dictate where your home putting green will go. Security should be another consideration. Unsecured portable putting greens should not be left within sight of the street when you are not attending it.

Self-installation or Professional-installation

Most greens are quite simple to install, in fact they need little or no installation but depending on the complexity of your green you may need professional installation experts to do the work for you. Most companies who sell putting greens suggest and indeed offer this service themselves.

Once you have a decision for each of these five queries then you will be able to refine your search for the putting green that is ideal for you.

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Tour Links 3′x10′ Dogbone Indoor / Outdoor Putting Green Review

tour links dogbone putting green

The Dogbone Indoor / Outdoor Putting Green is produced by Tour Links, one of the most popular putting green manufacturers in the world. It is a dual-ended, weather resistant and portable practice putting green.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the Tour Links 3′x10′ Dogbone Indoor / Outdoor Putting Green uses patented technology to produce a green with a tour speed experience. Combined with two regulation sized cups (one at each end) and a single practice pin, this practice putting green has an authentic feel to it.

The putting green platform is elevated a few inches from the ground providing a full 20 square feet of putting surface. If installed outside, it can be installed ‘submerged’ by those few inches, allowing it to become level with the ground and thus providers a bigger surface for the golfer to stand on.

The Tour Links 3′x10′ Dogbone Indoor / Outdoor Putting Green is also a very portable practice putting green. Like most Tour Links products, it is easily assembled from a number of interlocking panels finished by rolling the pre-cut turf on top. Tour Links panels are constructed with strong honeycomb providing ample support for players.

The Dogbone putting green looks as good as it feels and fits perfectly in a home setting. A highly recommended product from a respected manufacturer.

Find out more about the Tour Links 3′x10′ Dogbone Indoor / Outdoor Putting Green

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Big Moss Original 3′x9′ Putting Green Review

Big Moss Original 3'x9' Putting Green

Aside from looking and feeling like real grass
The Big Moss Original 3′x9′ Putting Green
is a compact easy-to-use green both for the office and home. Made from non-wrinkle material to help putting accuracy this putting green also includes a break-snake that allows the possibilities of unlimited contours. The 12 inch by 12 inch chipping mat that is included offers the opportunity to excel in longer putts and near-green chipping.

The Big Moss Original 3′x9′ Putting Green allows you putt towards an actual hole rather than a target-mark which helps create a more accurate putting stroke. It’s popularity can be attested to, superior green quality, the lack of installation worries (just roll it out of the box), and the pleasure it provides for people of all ages. It is handy for space-saving because if it can be simply rolled back into its box until you plan on using it again.

This great putting green can be used both indoors and outdoors adding to the versatility of the green, serious practice can be offset by a warm summer barbecue with friends whilst playing putting games. The Big Moss Original 3′x9′ Putting Green is ideal for helping golfers improve their putting game and also serves very well as a learning green for beginners, it is a classic green that all members of the family will enjoy playing on making it a winner for all concerned. The foam snake that comes with the putting green ensures you do not have to chase after wayward putts.

In short this product provides value for money, easy storage, no set-up requirements and most importantly an accurate putting feel to ultimately help your golf game.

Find out more about Big Moss putting greens: Big Moss Original 3′x9′ Putting Green.

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TurfTile Practice Modular Putting Green Review

TurfTile 32 Piece Modular Putting GreenThe TurfTile Practice Green range are modular putting greens for indoor and outdoor use. The range varies in size (and budget!) from the small 8 piece Doonbeg modular putting green to an expansive top-of-the-range 32 piece practice putting green.

Each square tile measures 50cm x 50cm (20″ x 20″). As advertised, they snap together easily and are completely flexible.

There are three types of square available: smooth green putting, long chipping, and super tough driving surfaces. The TurfTile modular putting green range allows for multiple layouts to fit any spaces including the most awkward.

The rough edges operate effectively as attractive borders, perfectly complimenting the smooth green tiles.

Installation can be temporary or permanent. These putting green models are equally popular in golfing shop installations as they are in a home or garden scenario. The TurfTile can be expanded to fill a courtyard, backyard or shrunk to fit the corner of a deck. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. The TurfTile can also be easily cleaned with broom or wet/dry vacuum.

A number of advanced artificial putting green technologies are at play to ensure a smooth surface with no seams between squares. TurfTile is bonded to a polymer frame that snaps together precisely. The tiles come with rubber bumpers and interlocking pegs.

TurfTile have an excellent reputation among modular putting green manufacturers and with good reason. These modular putting greens represent excellent value and are among the best putting greens you can own.

Select a TurfTile model to read more

TurfTile 8 Piece Modular Putting Green
TurfTile 12 Piece Modular Putting Green
TurfTile 32 Piece Modular Putting Green

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A Golf Putting Green – The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

They love and care for us, work very hard for us, and put their own needs behind ours, so why is it that all too often fathers wake up on Father’s Day to novelty ties and comfy slippers?

Surely the one day of the year that is dedicated to all the goodness that a father provides should be met with a more thoughtful, appreciative gift that you know your father will enjoy.

Call us biased, but surely a putting green is the perfect way of buying a gift that you know not only will be cherished but more importantly will be enjoyed more than  run of the mill novelty gifts. The range of putting greens available is extremely diverse and sure to suit every budget from roll-away mats (eg Big Moss Original EX1) for the home or office to synthetic putting greens (eg Tour Links 4′x12′ Indoor/Outdoor Putting Green ) all are sure delight and provide endless hours of fun and practice for fathers everywhere.

As a Father’s Day gift not only are you giving your father a unique gift but you are also giving him the opportunity to practice his putting in private at home or in the garden not in a busy golf club where time is precious and every shot scrutinized by playing partners or business colleagues.

A putting green gives fathers a chance to unwind after work, to relax over the weekend whilst keeping themselves active and improving their golf skills at the same time. Having a putting green will make your father the envy of his friends and neighbors who will marvel at your thoughtfulness.

What is wonderful about putting greens as a great Father’s Day present is that they can be enjoyed and used by everyone in the family, they will bring the golfer out in you and can used for fun games along with serious practice.

Father’s Day may just be one day of the years but by giving a gift such as a putting green you will have your father feeling like it is Father’s Day everyday as he practices his putting at home irrespective of weather conditions all year round.

A putting green would be the most cherished Father’s Day gift ever and will have your father feeling over the moon. After all, isn’t that what Father’s Day is all about?

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It’s Summer – Time For A Putting Green Party

Picture the scenario. You just bought a beautiful putting green just to constantly practice on it yourself. Big mistake!

You would be doing your friends and family (not to mention yourself) a disservice by not triumphantly telling everyone about your new practice putting green. Once they hear about it they will all be eager to come and play so why not have a party where everyone can come along and have a go playing on your new putting green.

To add to the fun on the night you can have mini-tournaments complete with fake trophies for the winner. If you have an outdoor putting green then Spring or Summer would be the best time to host a party for obvious weather-related issues, on the other hand if your practice green is an indoor-putting green then you can have a Putting Party all year-round, in fact you may find yourself throwing these parties all year-round such is the pleasure and enjoyment shared by all on these nights.

You can have a kiddies putting tournament on the putting green, a tournament for both sexes then a battle of the champions. Fun is guaranteed for all.

However a few words of warning – if the tournament being played on a grass putting green then ensure the children don’t slice up your turf, the same goes for adults in fact, particularly those who might be enjoying a beer or two on the night.

You should have a few accessories to add further on the night – things like plastic trophies, scorecards, hole-in-one prizes etc. Putting green parties are lighthearted affairs and provide a distraction from your own putting practice now that you have your own practice putting green.

If you have an indoor synthetic putting green then you will want to ensure that guests don’t spill liquids such as beer on your green. Why not provide a nearby table for people to rest their glasses or bottles whilst they chat and play. If you have an outdoor green and plan on having a barbecue at your party then don’t have it too close to your putting green. You do not want a group of people trampling over your golf green to pick up their hot dogs or burgers.

The agony of failed putts will no longer be a problem thanks to the hours of practice you put in on your putting green but don’t forget to enjoy owning one as much as possible. Having a Putting Green Party is one of the best ways of enjoying owning a golf putting green.

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